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Close Your Eyes

Why must the world be filled
With such a bitter pain?
Sometimes it's almost enough
To drive one insane

When I close my eyes
I can see a beautiful place
No one's shamed or hurt
There's not a single red-lined face

No blood is spilt upon the ground
No one turns the other way
Love fills the air this night
It's too overwhelming to say

Everyone can be themselves
There's no one here to judge;
Fall in love with who you want
No one will make you budge

But then I open my eyes again
And I wish they would permently close
I'm so sick of seeing bodies
Lined up in perfect rows

It's sickening what we do
We turn each other into stone
It was never meant to be this way
We weren't supposed to be alone

But in the pitch black of the night
It's far too easily seen
Evil has made her home here
She's made herself a queen

We stab each other in the dark
We twist the words we speak;
We poke fun at the strong
Yet we torture the weak

Everyday is a helish cycle
That we repeat in our lives
Spreading our cold and hatred
Stabing with our frozen knives

How I wish the world could be
Like it is when I close my eyes
How I wish there were true love
Instead of a web of lies

Won't you come with me now?
Take my trembling hand
I can lead you away
Into a peaceful land

Heh, what a joke that is
No one will ever come
Because, believe it or not
We like the way things are done

We're all evil in our hearts
Living made us that way
Close your eyes, kill the lies
And everything will be okay

(c) Melissa Kliemann, 2002

Don't take it damn it. Not that you would.

Like I said before... bah. ok. yeah.
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