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scene 6

Scene 6

Narrator: Swirling…Swirling the swirling continued on and on and on and on until it stopped for a second and then continued to swirl like a pope in a washing machine it swirled…But anyway our hero’s are trapped in a time vortex of doom…Yawn…I have a small orang-utan you know…its called Harold and it does everything I can’t do…I’m so lonely…sometimes I explode things just to get attention


(Inside time vortex)

All: And a one and a two and a…

Gomp1+Gomp2+Fred: (Singing) We are in a time vortex!
We are travelling through time!
Look there’s some travelling through time!

(Putt Putt Explodes)

Fire: You’re singing sucks!

Gomp2: You’re so hurtful!

Fred: Yeah! Just because Gomp2 is utterly crap at singing, I mean really…C’mon he can’t sing at all…If It weren’t for me and Gomp1 The time portal would of spat us out in disgust!

Time Portal: Stop telling me how to do my job!

Ybrik: You’re fired!

Time portal: You cannot fire me! I quit!

Ybrik: Bring me a Application form!

Fred: Why?

Ybrik: I want the company car-r-r-r-r

Fred: Because?

Ybrik: It’s made of toilet bricks!

(Characters gasp)

All: Toilet bricks? You mean actual toilet bricks?

Ybrik: YES…I DO-O-O-O-O-O
C.D.Dinosaur: What are toilet bricks?

Tree: You do not know what toilet bricks are?

C.D.Dinosaur: Nay…As back in the old country we lived a simple life with merely our gold and diamond incrusted potty paper and millions upon millions of acres that grew our simple food of Lobster’s and Dodo’s…

Fred: You poor mistreated…Thing…You have never had such luxury as seeing a toilet brick?

C.D.Dinosaur: No…

Fire: Hehehehehe…You suck!

(C.D.Dinosaur explodes)

Narrator: Meanwhile…

(Cuts to war scene)

M&M’s packet1: Medic!

M&M’s Packet Medic: What?

M&M’s Packet1: We’ve lost another one!

M&M’s Packet Medic: Oh no…What are we to do?

M&M’s Packet2: Cough…Cough!

M&M’s Packet Priest: My son, are you Ok? What happened to him?

M&M’s Packet1: He was attacked by a Pepsi bottle!

Pepsi Bottle: That is correct my foe!

M&M’s Packet: Who are you?

Pepsi bottle:…I am the dreaded Pepsi bottle…HAHAHAHAHA!

M&M’s Packet3: What do you want?

Pepsi Bottle:…A cheeseburger! With no pickle, or else!

(Cheeseburger appears)

Cheeseburger: Don’t eat me! I contain nuts! Nooooooooooo!

(Cheeseburger turns into a diet coke)

Pepsi bottle: Oh no it’s my mortal enemy’s younger brother! What am I to do?

Diet Coke: Play tic tack toe!

Pepsi bottle: OK

Ominous voice: …I am bored!...

(Lightning bolt hits Pepsi bottle)

Pepsi bottle: Ha you missed!

(Pepsi bottle explodes!)

Narrator: Back in the time portal/vortex…

All: This is boring!

Gomp1: Yep…do you know that you and I could actually not exist? We could be fictional characters who really don’t even have a mind of there own and merely say what they are meant to say…

Angry mob: He knows too much…Burn him!

(All is chased off screen)

(Cuts to classroom)

Saucepan: the test begins now!

Ybrik: I can do this! I can do this!

Saucepan2: Pssst what’s the answer to number 400078?


Saucepan: Are you cheating?

Ybrik: Yes!

Saucepan: Good! Good!

Ybrik: I R finished!

Saucepan: You failed!

(Ybrik wakes up)

Ybrik: Plastron it was only a dream!

(Time hole opens characters are sucked out)

(opens to war torn landscape with lava)

Zeal: Where are we?

Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Welcome! To! My! Domain! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Gomp2: Hey look! It’s the piñata! I knew he was going to make it big!
Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Bow! Down! Before! Your! Leader! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Fire: No!

Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Please! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Fire: No!

Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! With! Sugar! On! Top?! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Fire: Ok then!

Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You! Have! A! Lot! Of! Flomp! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Zeal: Yes we do!

Piñata: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Then! I! Shall! Send! You! Into! The! Past! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Fred: Wooooooooh! I call shotgun


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