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Public Remand

Narrator: The pirate egg haunts the steps of all famous worldwide game characters like many many turtles after a singular pea but those who do not know of such are curious to its being for they do not see the pirate egg as a an egg who has dreams of becoming a pirate but as a poetic dancing panda like this one…


Panda: I am the poetical dancing panda I am I am.

Wisp of smoke: Yet you do not have any ears how can you be poeticalal?

Panda: Because! My ears are actually trees.

Wisp of smoke: but are not trees magical magic sticks that spew magical magicalitys that use there magicalalibility to magically make there use of magic into magicical pieces of magic?

Panda: No. They are actually magical spewing sticks of magic that use there magical magic to magically grow magic mushrooms that use the original magicality to magically magic up some magical magic magicalistones that grow more magic trees.

Paul Winchell: I have the fish pants.

Red blob: That be a bad sign for only those who wish o summon the pirate egg wears the fish pants.

Oiram: I vant those pants give them to me or I shall have to turn into a rock!

Red blob: No… please no… not a rock… anything but a rock!

Oiram: I vill! Unless you give me those fish pants!

Red blob: No these are my fish pants they are made of my happy salmon!

Oiram: Fine I shall turn into a stone!

Red blob: You shall have these fish pants but be warned I shall run away and leave you with those fish pants… aloned!

Oiram: YAY!

(fish pant icon appears on the side of screen)

(POP… Pirate egg appears)

Pirate egg: You have fallen into my trap… lol

Oiram: Orange poo

Pirate egg: Indeed!
(Oiram Enters pirate egg and the fish pants icon disappears)

Narrator: I LIKE TO STROKE THE BACKSPACE KEY I follow the arrow down the board onto the many keys that are on the path to true computerised heaven…anyway we go towards the general direction of which pogo sticks lie…

(Cuts to two pogo sticks having a conversation)

(The two pogo sticks are both talking with cockney accents)

Pogo stick 1: So ok then tell me what ‘appened when you were at that gym…

Pogo stick 2: Ok then I shall show you with these two pens

(Zooms in on pens each have two big smiley faces)

(The pens have French accents)

Pen 1: Hello there are you homosexual?

Pen 2: Why yes I am.

Pen 1: Oh joy we can be homosexual lovers

Pen 2: Yet there is no point as we both ‘ave no ‘oles!

Pen 1: Are you telling me you’re asexual?

Pen 2: No, no of course not it’s just that I am telling you that I’m asexual…

Pen 1: But I love you

Pen 2: Your too late I have found someone else

Pen 1: then you will never be able to fly again unlike the rest of your clan

Pen 2: I do not care for I am queen of the sparkly potato fairies

Pen 1: Fine

(Zooms out onto the two pogo sticks)

Pogo stick 1: You smell of orange beets…

(Characters explode)

(Camera follows over to the main characters)

(Ybrik has the fish pants)

Ybrik: W00t I have found some fish pants.

All: Be careful with them you wouldn’t like to be captured by the evil Pirate egg would ye?

Ybrik: Quiet you! I shall wear whatever I wish!

(Ybrik puts on the fish pants)

(Pirate egg appears)


Ybrik: Ok

(Ybrik Enters pirate egg and the fish pants icon disappears)

Zeal: WTF! What happened there?

All: Who cares lets go drink some happy…

Shoeman: We must rescue him… her yes her!

Blazer boy: Why don’t we just go drink some happy!

Shoeman: Shut up!

Narrator: And then in a hill type area in which there lie no bunnies at all not even a small family of bunnies who like to eat fish….

(Cuts to hellish area with shadow in the distance)

C.D.Dinosaur: That man over there says he is heterosexual!

Fred: Heterosexual!!!

C.D.Dinosaur: I know its sick

Fred: But heterosexuality is sinful and wrong!!!!

C.D.Dinosaur: Let’s make him into a symbol of our lesbianism

Fred: Lets

Narrator: Meanwhile Shoeman has infiltrated Pirate eggs abode….

(Pirate ship area Shoeman acting metal gear solid esq.)

Shoeman: I have infiltrated the base…
(Cuts to blazer boy in a hot tub surrounded by Amazonian warriors)

Blazer boy: Having fun?

Shoeman: Yes I am wet with anticipation!

Blazer boy: w00t

(Camera follows over to zeal playing poker with egg pirate with a moustache and a beret along with Everything, All and Tree)

Zeal: King me…

Everything: Yet I rolled two sixes

(Zeal and everything explode)

Pirate egg: I have fooled you all for I am The Pirate egg who will mock you with laughter from my face.

All: So wheres Ybrik?


All: So…

Pirate egg: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Er… Over there

(Pirate egg Points to his left the camera follows and finds Ybrik)
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